Let’s create an AR mask for you that’ll go viral!

Engage your audience and get an awareness boost with creative AR masks! From idea to execution – we are here to help

There are already plenty of masks and filters on social networks. Is there a chance to come up with something new and exciting? Of course, there is – and it is worth it! SM masks are a great way to rapidly increase your reach. But to create a successful AR mask you need to know the technical possibilities of social networks and peculiarities of their moderation process.

The steps of creating an AR mask:

  • You set a task
  • We analyze other masks by brands in your product category to make our mask relevant for the audience
  • We come up with functionality ideas and design references for you to choose from
  • We develop the mask, get your approval and run the necessary tests
  • We fine-tune the mask and submit it for social network moderation
  • We place the approved mask to your profile and promote it

So why develop an AR mask with us?

  • All the process of mask development is plain for you to see
  • We know exactly what kind of AR masks and filters go viral on SM
  • We consider all the legal peculiarities and limitations of your product category before starting the development
  • We know the guidelines of social networks very well – that helps our masks pass moderation successfully
  • Our testing begins at the early stages and covers almost every step of development
  • You can rely on us – both in terms of time and quality
We help companies to grow
We evaluate the potential of ideas and projects, we guide the process of renewal and transformation with concrete solutions.