Let’s create a beautiful landing page for your business!

Your service or product needs a home online? From one-page landings to big sites – we do it well and we do it fast.

A landing page must deliver the essence of your brand and the benefits of your product or service. But it also must be intuitive and easy to navigate. There are a lot of potential pitfalls in web development regarding UX, performance and technical aspects. That’s why you need a partner with relevant experience. And we are here to help.

Need a web store integrated into your site? We do that too.

The steps for creating a landing page:

  • You set a task – the main desired action for you site
  • Depending on the desired action, we choose development tools and plan the site structure
  • We then choose what version of the site will be the priority in development – desktop or handheld-device version
  • We write the text for the site
  • We come up with (usually) three design concepts for you to choose from
  • We run UI and UX tests
  • We develop the site and its administration panel
  • We set up metrics and analytical tools on the site
  • We run the final tests and pass along the site and technical documentation to you

You can also delegate domain and hosting questions to us.

So why develop landing pages with us?

  • All the process of site development is easy to follow using our task-tracking system
  • Cross-browser work, adaptive design, site resizes – we think about things like that at the start of a project
  • We connect our sites to an automatic monitoring system, which instantly notifies us in case of any technical problem
  • Our testing begins at the early stages and covers almost every step of development
  • Excellent performance: we create sites that perform well due to well-planned structure and UI
  • You can count on us – both in terms of time and quality
We help companies to grow
We evaluate the potential of ideas and projects, we guide the process of renewal and transformation with concrete solutions.