Let’s deliver your communication idea in the most beautiful way!

Can’t distill your message into one static image? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your communication idea.

But having a neat idea does not guarantee that you’ll end up with a good key-visual. That’s because it’s a complex task – in key-visual you need both form and substance at their finest.

We have plenty of experience creating key-visuals for brands, products and full-scale advertising campaigns.

The steps of creating a key-visual:

  • Working with your company, we define your communication idea and message
  • We develop several visual ideas for the KV
  • At the same time, we come up with neat and catchy wording variants
  • We fine-tune the shape and style of the visual variants you have chosen
  • We combine visual and wording

Before starting the conceptual work, we thoroughly analyze your brand, product and communication message. We do this in order to find the most concise and relevant form and substance for the key-visual.

So why develop your key-visual with us?

  • You get your communication message in the best possible visual form
  • Great key-visual works as an eye-catcher, instantly drawing the attention of the viewer
  • A great key-visual can easily be a cornerstone of a scalable ad campaign
  • We have years of experience in creating catchy key-visuals
  • You can count on us – both in terms of time and quality. Need a key-visual ASAP? We’re here to help!
We help companies to grow
We evaluate the potential of ideas and projects, we guide the process of renewal and transformation with concrete solutions.